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Digital Accounting
In this feature, documents and data are transmitted, and reports within the framework of ongoing accounting services are provided, in digital form.

Your benefits:

  • Access to all documents (document management) and all relevant reports anywhere, anytime, from any Internet connection
  • Extensive search functions in document management
  • High security standard via SmartCard as well as archiving at the DATEV computing center
  • No more hanging file folders
  • Reduced effort expended on copying and sorting
  • Original documents remain with you
  • Simple "follow-up sending" of documents
  • High level of transparency because the documents are "attached" to the respective book entries

How digital accounting works:

Your incoming invoices, travel expense statements, and where applicable, outgoing invoices are either scanned in or faxed. As part of our office management, we scan the documents at your premises, but you can also handle the scanning or faxing yourself. The scanned documents are then sent either by e-mail to us or as an upload directly to your document management section, archived at the DATEV computing center. You have access to the documents stored in this document management system anytime, from anywhere - all you need is an Internet connection, and the process is secured by a SmartCard. In the document management feature, a document can be retrieved according to various search criteria (document number, date, amount, etc.). We then take over the documents and prepare the bookkeeping and the advance reporting of value-added tax. Then, via your "online workplace," which we will set up especially for you, you will have access secured via a SmartCard, anywhere and anytime, to all relevant reports concerning your financial accounting, cost accounting, and payroll accounting as well as bank accounts (if account statement manager).

If you handle your outgoing invoices via your own billing software, it is generally possible to transfer corresponding data files to our DATEV financial accounting software. Then all you need to do is provide us with the data file by e-mail. 

In addition, it is also possible to transfer your account statements in digital form directly from your primary bank.

If you keep a cash ledger, we can also provide you with digital solutions for this purpose.

To reconfigure your accounting process as a sensible management instrument, we offer you the ability, as part of our Premium service package, to implement monthly comparisons between budgeted values (target) and actual values (actual) based on corporate planning established with us annually. Analyses of variance make business developments considerably more transparent and offer the opportunity to take steps toward adjustments at an early stage.